Silver lining of a grey storm

My mind loves to segment things and compartmentalise so it can attempt to process them: ideas, events, thoughts and feelings. I appear to have done this with my life: pre-25 years old; then 25–30; 30–now, aged 33.

The first stage can sometimes appear as a blur. Perhaps that made it easier to deal with the painful period. A challenging upbringing, tragic events, abuse and trauma pushed me so far into a shell that I never thought I would emerge.

During the OK times, this was OK with me. My introverted character and lack of

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Downstream of Mertens Falls where a shady patch of rainforest cools the trail, rock art glimpsed by chance lures us unexpectedly off track. We wade and rockhop with backpacks and boots held overhead to come face to face with a long-extinct thylacine,
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From The Editor
“Where are we going?” I say suspiciously to my fiancé Henry, as he leads me blindfolded to the car at 5am. He opens the door and carefully guides me in. “I’ve packed your hiking boots and your wetsuit,” he replies with a laugh. After 40 minutes of dr