Taking ownership

In June 2016 an unwanted flu shot has uncovered a dark little scab that I am convinced is an insect bite. My GP thinks otherwise, so I have it excised and now I am back to hear the verdict. No small talk. He takes a quick look in the file and tells me, “It’s bad news. You have an aggressive and deep melanoma that needs urgent action.”

And so the journey begins, not with condolences or sympathy but a clinical diagnosis and a referral that is my ticket to whatever destination I am headed for.

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WellBeing Gives Space To The Creative Souls In Our Community
Violet Lim Zi Yan T: +61 415 326 100E: linzy0210@gmail.comW: instagram.com/violetdream0210 Some days, I’m the ocean. Some days, I’m the ship. Tonight, I’m the lighthouse, alone and burning. Like a guardian angel, I stand, sending out hope in the nigh
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Good Gut Health
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The Biology Of Ageing
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