My favourite types of words are F words. They’re so satisfying. I ask that you look beyond the obvious here because F lends itself to so many pleasing words, not just one (although, come to a marvellously useful word ...). F words are, I think, some of the most extraordinarily beautiful words in the English language when you consider the breadth and depth of meaning they encompass.

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Altars For Love and Abundance
Planetary magic has become increasingly popular as more and more people learn about practitioners from the medieval and earlier periods, who were both astrologers and magicians. Historical texts like The Picatrix have been translated into English and
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DR MICHAEL ELSTEIN is a Sydney-based anti-ageing physician and writer. He is the author of three books including his latest, The Wellness Guide to Preventing the Diseases of Ageing. He has also designed the app The Diet Guide to Ageing Prevention. Me
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Freedom Found
I had been working for a university for nine years. I had a manageable mortgage on my shoulders and plenty of good friends, and I came from a tight Italian-Australian family where your “business” is always going to be their “business”. Caring about w