The common name you use for Capsicum annuum is an indicator of where you grew up. In Australia they are known as capsicums, but in many other parts of the world they’re referred to as peppers, bell peppers or even sweet chilli peppers. In some languages they’re called paprika, which we know as the powdered spice made from the fruit of capsicums.

This confusion of names arises because capsicums are part of the same botanical group as the family.

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Pump Up The Volume
You’ve just poured a cool drink while chilling with friends outdoors, the steaks are sizzling nicely on the barbecue and you discover a much-anticipated cricket match is on television. In the old days, you’d up stumps with your mates and head indoors
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The Makers
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What To Do
Step 1: Cut the timbers to length. Step 2: Screw or nail the three shorter pieces evenly along the length of the two longer pieces. Step 3: Ensure you’ve squared up the edges and that no nails or screws poke out to tear the potting mix bag. Ste