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only ride 450s” — I’ve heard that more times than I would like. Australian riders have an obsession with riding big bikes. At times, that’s well within reason; the new-age 450 and 500 enduro bikes are bloody, bloody good! However, too many riders walk past a 250 without a second glance. Is it an ego thing? Maybe. However, some

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Ma And Fim To Establish Concussion Guidelines
The subject of concussions in sport has gained momentum over the last decade. Some time ago, studies by doctors in the US uncovered troubling findings in the brains of deceased NFL players. Since that time, many other sports have been reviewing not o
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Water Crossings
Check the depth first — it can be deceiving. Remember, clear water almost always looks shallower than it actually is, so get ready to get your boots wet and check before you dive in. Identify what’s under the water. It may be muddy, it may be have a
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Bike Sales Continue To Fall
The story of bike sales was, again, not a great one in 2019. The market fell 6.1 per cent over 2018 and it’s getting tiresome writing that surely this is the low point, only to find out it gets worse. Offroad bikes remained the strongest segments wit