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SWM is back in business through a somewhat complex series of moves best understood if you take it back a bunch of years. The quick version looks something like this: BMW bought Husqvarna and invested a heap of money in a new factory in Verase, Italy, but the Germans just couldn’t sauce that pie. They made a couple of decent models but they made some real shitters, too. While the brand did see growth, BMW bailed and declared that in the future the“focus of the realignment will be on urban mobility and e-mobility”. They sold on to KTM, who moved all manufacturing from Italy back to Austria where it became largely a white KTM.

This left the state-of-the-art factory in Verase sitting idle and a heap of workers without jobs. There were some seriously pissed-off Italians left behind and they resolved to do something about their

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So you’ve been off the bike for a while, busy with work, having a family, life. But you knew you would always return one day. What’s more, the kids are old enough now and you really want to get the next generation to experience the joys of getting di
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» 34 SX WINS » 39 MX WINS » 7 TITLES — SX 4 MX 3 » 31 CONSECUTIVE PODIUMS » 2009-2017 ONLY 2 RACES OUTSIDE THE TOP 10 RD5 is still under-rated by some and that’s just insane. His record speaks for itself but numbers aren’t the whole story. He won