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If you are on a tight budget but fancy a sunroom then take a look at this uPVC version from Norfolk Greenhouses. It needs no maintenance, other than the occasional wash down. The roof panels are translucent twinwall for maximum light but with insulation in winter and shade in summer. The clear glazing panels are a thicker gauge than the Norfolk greenhouses and pre-cut to size for easy installation.

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Make A Solar Watering System
Polytunnels and greenhouses are terrific assets, boosting temperatures and providing a sheltered environment for plants and for gardeners! Undercover growers get earlier crops and higher yields, and work when it suits them, whatever the weather is do
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Off The Ghelf - The Irrigatia System
Commercial tomato grower George Evans couldn’t find the automated watering system he needed, so he designed and built his own. Understanding how useful the system could be for all gardeners, he refined the equipment and put it into commercial product
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