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Suzuki brings back the 80s

The original Katana was launched in 1981 and boasted a memorable design with sharp lines and a rectangular headlight. That look inspired last year’s Katana 3.0 concept, which gave us a

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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure2 min read
I Own One
Ted Simmonds thought his biking days were over, but buying a new CB650F in 2017 renewed his keeness. “I’d given bikes a breather for quite a few years. Back in the day I used to be devoted to them and went everywhere by bike. But then life got in the
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What To Look Out For
Moto Guzzi’s V-twins had a good reputation by the standards of Italian superbikes in the Seventies, and in the V7 Sport’s case that is well deserved. “They are generally well made and pretty robust, the reliability is not too bad,” says Neil Ridgewel
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The Times They Are A-changin’
In this issue we have gone big on electric bikes. I appreciate that it will divide opinion, but it felt like the time was right to have a good long look at what's happening on the greener side of the fence. Some will find it interesting, others will