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Talk about being incredibly different. I’ve never ridden anything like it. Ever. I’ve cornered on it in a way no other motorcycle can match. And I’ve certainly never known a bike command as much attention. In short, new Yamaha’s Niken multi-wheeler has given me some completely new and unprecedented experiences. I’m totally and utterly blown away by it!

It’s clear not everyone shares my passion for the revolutionary machine however. Having listened to the opinions of countless doubters and naysayers during the two weeks I had it, trying to convince the sceptics of the Niken’s amazing virtues proved so futile, I almost gave up. At times I became frustrated, wondering if the motorcycle world was deserving of such an advance in performance. Life with a Niken can get very involving and very emotional!

The anti-attitude perhaps highlighted just how short-sighted the motorcycle world can be at times. The fact is, the Yamaha is such an incredible machine, unless you ride it you have little chance of accepting just how remarkable it is. Prior to getting on it, I know I didn’t. In fact, even when I was sampling its extraordinary front end grip, I wasn’t sure if I could believe it was actually happening. It feels too good to be true. Getting your head round just what the Niken is capable of requires a very open mind indeed. It’s such a huge game-changer, at times it feels like utter magic.

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