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Kawasaki Z900 RS

The big K is a firm that’s dripping in heritage. It might have only really started making bikes in the 1960s, but within a decade it was right up the sharp end, building class-leading kit like the H1 500 and H2 750 two-stroke triples. But it was in

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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure6 min read
Electric Future?
Electric motorcycles. Ten years ago they were the preserve of a curious little start-up in California plus some home-brewed specials. Now, they lap the TT course at 121mph, have their own race series and e-scooters sell by the million in China. Accor
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure4 min read
Two months ago at a yard sale I bought a pristine early 70s Smith-Corona portable typewriter. I’d yearned for a typewriter for several years, thinking that perhaps the solid connection with the machine might change the way I put together my columns.
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure4 min read
History Boy recommends: ELAN AQUEDUCT
Normally I provide the story behind a location, but today we are looking at an artefact that is 72 miles long. What’s more, much as I want you to jump on your bike and head out for a visit, the vast majority of this artefact is buried underground and