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Forgotten Gem
Of all the dreams we have and all the places we imagine when we want a ‘happy place’, midweek Northamptonshire, in the wet, on a naked bike, is quite possibly and understandably not on that list. Yet, by the end of the day I am smiling: Is it wind? T
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure3 min read
Nothing Is Guaranteed
I was once quite comfortable with the idea that speaking English conferred absolute advantages (beyond being able to demand aircraft landing instructions in that language, worldwide). Then, gradually, I discovered it was much more complicated. There
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure3 min read
Honda Monkey 125
I’ve got a lot of love for small capacity motorcycles and the satisfaction that comes from pushing a 125cc right to its limits, holding onto corner speed and maintaining momentum brings me joy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to high octane, high