Artist's Drawing and Inspiration

No rules or limits

Growing up in a tiny village in Cornwall, United Kingdom, and having some amazingly creative and driven people in my close-knit family meant that I got off to a good grounding with my artistic skills. There was always a cake to bake and decorate, or a carnival costume to design and create. It showed me from an early age that there were no limits or rules to being artistic, you just had to give yourself the time and energy to get stuck in.

We moved ‘up north’ when I was nine-years-old to a big town where I continued to follow my artistic path through school, on to college for my A Levels and Foundation, and finally on to a degree course in Fashion and Textile Design in Cheltenham. From the age of about 16 I never actually attempted to draw anything ‘real’. My tutors told me that I couldn’t draw and that I had a fear of colour (anyone who knows my work nowadays might beg to differ with those comments regarding colour!), and after being told this so often by my peers, I had of course begun to believe them.

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