Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

The Owner’s Tale: Karl Chadwick

“I bought my 1982 R100 RS in 1991 from Hurst BMW in Belfast. It had circa 22k miles and it’s now reading 83,262 and has been a brilliant bike. It’s my fourth RRS,

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Book Corner
Slow Burn tells how the big names of the motorcycle industry used Superbike racing to test their street bike designs from the late 1970s to the late 1980s. The book, by Bob Guntrip, features the biggest riders: Wayne Gardner, Mick Doohan, Wayne Raine
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The Owner’s Tale – Adrian Perkins
“Bought from Rick Brett at the Stafford show several years ago, this very original RV125 even came with its tool kit and owner’s handbook – originally owned by a Mr Thies Bodell in Michigan, USA. It’s only covered 2000 miles from new and has merely b
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Splitting Yarns!
The torturous Teutonic twin with 160,000 hard miles on the clocks is back at its belligerent worst! This bike just seems to be fighting me at every turn. Whilst I have fettled a number of members of the R1100 family in the past, I have never stripped