Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

“I own this VFR750F Honda”

Gerry Glidewell, who owns the VFR750F-T that is the subject of this feature, is a man who considers his motorcycles thoughtfully. “I started out on Fizzies and Suzuki

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The YDS3 In Focus…
It’s kinda right that we (well, Stavros) are looking at the YDS3 at the moment. July 1 signified the 65th anniversary of the Yamaha Motor Company so it’s fitting that this – one of their real ‘breakthrough models’ – is in the magazine. Now, please
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With our special on the completion of Niall Mackenzie’s 1991 YZR500 (page 36), we had to get some words on the most successful exponent of the V4 500cc two-stroke GP bike from Yamaha: triple champion Wayne Rainey. “I was at Suzuka in 1988 replacing R
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Rotary Club!
I remember friends waxing lyrical about the Dremel many years ago, but I didn’t really ‘get it’ for a long time. I ended up buying a rotary multi-tool for one specific job – removing the security screws from the back door of my printing workshop 20 y