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Artist's Palette2 min read
The Ladies On The Ginza
I had no idea what I would be doing when I started … but I felt like glazing for a while. I chose some colours I like to work with, and launched myself into this project to see what I would finish up with. The entire work was glazed and painted with
Artist's Palette7 min read
Painting In The Flinders Ranges
To meet the World Expeditions Art Adventure tour to the Flinders Ranges, I first had to travel to Port Augusta – some 1500 kilometres from my home near Sydney. I considered the option of flying to Adelaide and transferring by bus; before electing to
Artist's Palette6 min read
Painting In The Flinders Ranges
On Wednesday morning 21 May at the remote Willow Springs Station deep in the Flinders Ranges, I climbed out of my swag while it was still dark. As I rebuilt the campfire, Belair artist and fellow traveller Leslie Jorgensen joined me in its glow. We h