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A true Queenslander, Lee Porter was born at Townsville in the sixties. As a child she lived in a variety of interesting places including Tindal (near Katherine in the Northern Territory), Sydney and Malaysia.

She completed her secondary education at Ipswich in Queensland, where art teacher Alan Kinna introduced her to many styles and forms of art and encouraged her to

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Australian How To Paint5 мин. чтения
Botanical Drawing
Down in the far corner of our back garden, next to the compost bins, there is a clump of Italian Arum (Arum italicum). Early one morning, after heavy overnight rain, I spied the dramatic orange fruits and the snails that had emerged from hiding to fe
Australian How To Paint4 мин. чтения
My Story
I live on a beautiful property just outside Cowra, NSW, and I travel into town, where I have my studio, six days per week. It has been very important to me over the years to have this separation of home and painting, especially when my children (now
Australian How To Paint3 мин. чтения
A Tapestry of Many Roles
Highly qualified Queensland artist Helen Lawson has a BA from Queensland University, an LTCL from Trinity College of London, and a Diploma of Education from Monash University. Her early years were spent on the Darling Downs in Queensland, where a lon