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Water of Life

From the age of seven it was evident that Genevieve Montgomerie’s drawing demonstrated a child’s talent for capturing what it was that she saw as opposed to what was in the mind’s eye.

An unusual talent for a child of this age, her artwork drew great interest from her teacher and principal among others, which in turn inspired Montgomerie to continue to observe carefully and sketch, render

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Australian How To Paint2 мин. чтения
Kaleidoscope - Impressionist Bushland
With an old brush - a badly looked after round bristle is my favourite - draw in the main areas of the scene. Same brush and colour, with lots of water - block in the dark areas. Follow this with a wider brush and use your darkest dark - Pthalo blue
Australian How To Paint2 мин. чтения
Spectacular Spikes
Having given the canvas one coat of Gesso the day before, I painted roughly half the canvas with a light mixture of Titanium White and Cobalt Blue mix, added a little Alizaria Crimson and Titanium mix and finally added whispy white clouds with Titani
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Master Hints And Tips
• As a matter of interest, I recorded the time it took to complete this picture. I was surprised that it totalled 50 hours. • Ink pens are a great medium to use when travelling as there isn’t a lot of equipment to pack – just the pens and a good qual