Do not deem yourselves higher than all other created things. Plants and animals have kept themselves purer than you. Do not forget this. You are to protect and care for them; in return they will help you. Do not forget that this small visible world which is given to you is but an infinitesimal part of that great invisible world which you can only divine. Remember that each step of yours also leads through the invisible world, and take it in such a way that you can pass.

Chapter One


Time is journey into eternity. Every creature lives in and is a part of this vitality of nature. In the cosmic sense, time actually stands still while we move into time. In the process the brain hatches the surface chronicle of change. Time becomes a threat if, cocooned by sloth, conceit or cowardice, we make no effort to move in our inner life through the transcendent portal of harmony with the cosmic law of movement. The lack of an inner momentum induces self-deception that deals death in the midst of life. Our feelings then consort very fractiously with our psychic life. The inner alienation sows visions and delusions of time passing us by; we lose the experience of living in the present; we are taunted through thickly bespectacled hindsight by a fantasy of solace in memories of the past or in hugging the future.

We live life in the fast lane, unable to escape the inroads made upon our time and intrusions on our privacy by modern electronic communications. Nowhere are we safe from the ring of the smartphone or the beep of incoming text messages, emails and social-media feeds. The flow of media demands bombarding us is constant. Even if we switch these devices or the notifications off for a short time, a voicemail message compels us to call back. Not so long ago, once we walked out of the workplace, we were free to do as we please, but today many of us are effectively ‘on call’ day and night by varying degrees and are thus never able to switch off completely from ‘work mode’. Hence, the hour is unnoticeably gone; the day hurries to an end; the week flies by too quickly; another month has passed; another year has gone by, and then another.

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