God is not visible to human eyes. He who wishes to worship Him must seek beyond the World of Matter. It is within his own soul that he must commune, for only in spirit can he rise upwards and faintly perceive something of God. This you must first learn again, you human beings.
Past Eras Awaken, Volume III (Stiftung Gralsbotschaft)

Many people today have a certain anxiety about being alone, about being isolated or cut off from their surroundings. They go out of their way to avoid it as if it portended a danger. Being alone, however, does not mean the same thing as loneliness or feeling alone. For example, a person can be lonely in a

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Treading The Trackless Wastes
At moments in our youth, one may have a dream, an image of the future and decide or, perhaps be steered by someone, to learn to play a musical instrument or towards taking up a sport. In the same vein, we may grow up sharing the various beliefs and o
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‘Awake’ VI
Are we human beings, especially here in the ‘civilised world’, not masters at reinterpreting the truth? Do we not see everything that burdens us as a short, temporary phase on the way to boundless freedom and domination of our planet, which we alread