A friend recently said to me: ‘I often wonder how working women manage their households! Full-time housewives can spend hours in conversation about laundry, cooking skills and home routines, whereas the likes of us on a different career path have to manage everything as an aside. I always accumulate a large mountain of laundry until I find time for washing and I then attempt to deal with my mountain of ironing in front of the television!’

When women do the housekeeping, it is rarely classified as a management activity, and neither does the great recognition she deserves in reality often come her way. Why is this so?

Language used often provides insights for a deeper perspective. Thus the word ‘household’ already contains the actual meaning: the holding together of the house. Running the

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Editor Ìsíjú Ká Contributing editors Jide Adefope, Paul Schmitt, Michael Wilhelm ■
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