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Vast: A collection of Prints and Drawings

is Robyn Mayo’s visual record of her travels through central Australia between 1996 and 2013 when she visited Arnhem Land and

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Creative Artist2 мин. чтения
Yes- it’s Me!
• 2B and 9B pencils • Graphite powder • Mechanical eraser • Putty eraser • Tortillon • Bristol paper (or any paper of similar quality and smoothness of texture) • Cotton wool • Camera A self-portrait is a challenging subject. This is how I have app
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Spectacular Summer Sunrise
• Clean lint-free cloth • Primed stretched canvas • Paints – Prussian Blue – Carmine – Titanium White – Cadmium Yellow Light Hue – Vermillion – Lemon Yellow – Black – Cadmium Orange • Brushes – 000 – No 4 – No 10 Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular
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Artist’s Hints & Tips
• When you mix your colours, always mix a good amount of paint. Remixing colours in the middle of a critical part of your painting is annoying and often ends up leading to a different colour to the original. The other temptation is to thin the paint