History of War


Author: Richard van Emden Publisher: Pen & Sword Price: £25.00

By the end of World War I in November 1918, the Allies and Central Powers had spent $82.4 billion (roughly $2 trillion in 2018 dollars) in a conflict that saw the mobilisation of nearly 70 million men. Around 8 million combatants were killed in actual

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April 1941
During the Nazi invasion of Greece, German forces engaged with Greek and ANZAC defenders at Thermopylae, where the Spartan-led Greek defenders had fought and lost against the Persian invasion in 480 BCE. The topography of Thermopylae meant it was sti
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The Auschwitz Photographer
After the invasion of Poland, a young photographer named Wilhelm Brasse refused to join the Nazis and was arrested while trying to escape to Hungary. Transferred to Auschwitz on 31 August 1940, he was given the prisoner number 3444 and forced into ha
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Remembering The Glorious Glosters
Imjin River was the most famous action undertaken by the British Army during the Korean War. Fought during 22-25 April 1951, the battle was a colossal struggle by outnumbered United Nations forces to prevent a huge Chinese army from capturing Seoul.