History of War


Author: Santanu Das Publisher: Cambridge University Press Price: £19.99 (paperback)

With the centenary of World War I, a plethora of new books have been published on just about every aspect of

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Comet A34
Borrowed from the preceding Cromwell, the Comet hull was stretched to accommodate a larger turret ring along with its crew of five. The hull was welded in a low configuration to minimise the overall height of the vehicle. Vickers-Armstrong reconfigur
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Up Close With The Engineers
The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) is the corps that keeps the British Army’s equipment in fighting condition. These professional engineers maintain, repair, recover, manufacture and modify everything from trucks to weapons systems,
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The Last Princes
Dropping off the radar with the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party, Wilhelm’s third son Adalbert moved to Switzerland with his wife and two children during the 1930s and lived out the rest of his life there in exile. The sixth and youngest son Joachim