Manitou’s 25 Legacy LT Dual Engine SHP is the epitome of luxury and performance from this builder of pontoon boats. It’s also completely devoid of the category’s trademark aluminum from the deck up. Instead, molded fiberglass forms the perimeter enclosure, as well as the

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How We Tested
We used a General Tools UV513AB light meter to measure UV light emitted from a UV LED flashlight, then shielded the light with glove fabric on the back of the hand. All of our gloves were rated for an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50-plus, m
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Maintaining Rescue Beacons
Once activated, a rescue beacon sends its signal to a constellation of satellites in geostationary orbit around Earth, alerting rescuers to your position. Coverage is worldwide, and beacons help save lives all the time. But, like most marine accessor
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Yamaha FX Limited Svho
Yamaha’s FX Limited SVHO has long paired a luxurious ride with exclusive extras, but the 2019 model is arguably the most well-thought-out version to date. Yes, that extras list has grown, but it’s become more focused and now caters to the growing dem