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Readers write: News from Iraq, religion and faith, working together, local mongooses, and a special issue

News from Iraq

Regarding the Oct. 19 Monitor Daily editorial, “Identity politics on the ropes in Iraq?”: Finally, a positive article regarding the Middle East. Hope they succeed in their experiment. If they do, the Iraq War

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Fusion’s Future Gets Real In France
For decades fusion power plants have been held out as a solution to energy and climate challenges. Now as assembly starts on such a plant, the question of their viability may finally be answered.
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The Problem With The Word ‘Suffrage’: It Excludes Black Women Activists
Historian Martha S. Jones answers questions about the political history of Black women in America and their collective struggle for voting rights.
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Saving The 'Lockdown Generation' From Being Locked Out
The pandemic has shut schools and destroyed many of the first jobs young people normally take. Without remedial measures, their future is at risk.