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Life as a Refugee: The Struggle to Create a Better Life

Life as a Refugee: The Struggle to Create a Better Life, by Noor Ghazi. Photograph of war torn wall by Rod Long.
Photograph by Rod Long

Life as a refugee is filled with heartache, struggle and myriad challenges, but also the opportunity to reinvent yourself.

Becoming a refugee means starting life anew. Most refugees experience journeys that are not only long and difficult, but also dangerous and emotionally taxing. Amidst myriad struggles and inconceivable challenges, the feeling of expulsion from their homelands is a painful reality that refugees must face on a daily basis.

In November 2006, when the internal and sectarian war in Iraq was at its peak, my parents decided to leave Iraq after receiving many letters threatening death since my Sunni father and Shia mother dared to fall in love and create a family. While my father was

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