Packing woes and long-distance tips

We’ve all been there, looking at piles of ‘vital’ items and realising that they’ll never all fit in at the same time. Perhaps you’ve even had massive, heated arguments with your spouse because of their inability to compute the difference between the space available and what they insist must fit in.

Or perhaps it is you who is the gadget freak, and who can’t leave without two of everything in case one of them breaks on the road.

On our recent trip to Malawi (elsewhere in this issue)

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Tankwa Time Out
A few weekends ago we had the pleasure of once again travelling to the Tankwa Karoo. The Tankwa is a very special place for us. It’s where my fiancé Simon and I had one of our first Rolbos Overland adventures, which led to me penning our first blog a
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When you want to have your most important gear items to hand, it’s pretty useful to have a standard stash place. That’s where the Blue Ridge Overland Gear MOLLE Seat Back Panel comes in. Just hang this bad boy on the back of your seat, and it serves
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At the annual Baikal Ice Motor Sports Festival in Russia, a Jeep Grand Cherokee Track Hawk recently beat a speed record on a frozen lake. The 6.2-litre supercharged Jeep, pushing out 522kW, achieved an average speed of 257km/h over 1km, with a maximu