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Industry Interview
Q. What are the differences between the old W800 and new 2019 engine? The biggest change is the fuelling and exhaust to make it Euro 4 compliant. The internals, like the piston are slightly different, but this wasn’t for performance reasons. It’s ess
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WIN an Unused T160v With The NMM
A UNIQUE EXAMPLE of one of the greatest late British bikes is up for grabs in the National Motorcycle Museum’s summer raffle. Following the success of the winter raffle for an unused Norton Commando, the summer offering is for an as-new 1977 Triumph
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Japanese Retro With Style And Character
THE BURBLE FROM THE TWIN EXHAUSTS resonates across the stunning Japanese countryside, as the bevel gear driven cam 783cc engine effortlessly propels me along the road. To both sides of the road are endless meticulously kept rice fields, and ahead the