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Parts & parcel: a breaker’s guide

Hard to find parts

Fuel tanks are getting tougher to source, especially those that haven’t had historical repairs. Internal rust and seams that have blown are common sights on GPz900R tanks. The

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The Way We Were…
Andrew Moore says: “I’ve attached a photo of me on my GT550L in 1976. I was 19. I owned this bike for two years, sold it, then bought it back then sold it. It did many trips to London to see my then girlfriend (now wife). The flares were apparently f
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Project Honda VFR800 part 1 Hedge fun-d!
Hello, you might (just) remember me from the January 2019 issue in which my bike-themed barber shop was mentioned in the pages of this fine magazine. For those that didn’t read it, here’s a summary! I’m 26, I used to be in the RAF and I jointly run R
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Nineties Niceties
Bikes from the Brit Pop decade of the 1990s are often the cheapest and offer the best bang for buck in the broad spectrum of CMM-approved classics. Because, while the 24-carat gilt-edged classics from the 1960s and 1970s are often rare or beyond the