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Currently Digging: Celtuce
With romaine getting a bad rap (gah, E. coli), the salad world is ripe and ready for a new star. Meet celtuce, a vitamin-rich Chinese lettuce that chefs have been crushing on for years. Since the entire vegetable is edible, it’s versatile: Chop the l
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“My Dad’s Death Made Me Mourn My Own”
My dad couldn’t carry a tune, but man, did he love to sing. He would lullaby my sisters and me at night and belt out songs during chores. He sang with all his heart, a trait passed down to my youngest sister. My other sister inherited his compassion.
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Happy Hues
The color is tied to strength and can boost your competitive spirit. Meaning: A little crimson might power you through a presentation (or workout)! The regal hue inspires experimentation. Add a bold pop of violet or a touch of lavender to your outfit