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Summer Radishes
Radishes are a frequent target for slugs and snails, nibbling away at the leaves and the roots themselves. HOW TO CONTROL: Various deterrents are available such as beer slug traps, but you might want to try spreading SlugGone (pure wool slug pellets
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In Anticipation Of Summer Harvests
Is it just me, or is anyone else rubbing their hands in anticipation of holding their first spud of the year. Or even a courgette? Yes, I know within weeks the latter will become a glut and a bit of a pain to constantly harvest; soon we run out of id
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Get Ready To Enter Our... Kg Plotter Competition 2019
We invite you to send in a few pictures of your plot and yourself and we will judge this on many different aspects, including how you have overcome all the usual plot challenges to grow great veg and fruit. WINNER RECEIVES: Mountfield battery Tiller