In an unchanging rhythm our everyday life rolls on. The only interruptions in this never-ending stream are Sundays, and these are largely still degraded to the everyday grind and not used for self-reflection and taking stock of one’s life.

The words ‘everyday life’ or ‘workaday life’ or even worse, ‘the daily grind’, evoke in us feelings such as loathing or antipathy, dullness, and sometimes even disgust and despair. The colour grey best describes this drab existence and it permeates everything: the blank, expressionless faces, the robotic demeanour lacking any empathy or engagement and the grey uniformity of our urban surroundings. Even cars today tend to be shades of white or grey. Given these facts, we wonder why and for what purpose we actually live. Does

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Piercing The Veil Of Ignorance
Time stands still. It remains the same, today, yesterday and a thousand years hence! Only the forms change. We plunge into time, to cull from her records for the purpose of enriching our knowledge from what has been collected there! For time has lost
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For All We Know!
A plethora of questions inundates us when we feel the longing for truth inside us. We do believe that we know many things or many a thing or something about many things, and yet, if we are honest, we realise that we do not know much at all, practical
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The incident, as hardly as the horse dealer could be blamed for it, nevertheless aroused in the country, even among the more moderate and well-intentioned folk, a sentiment that was highly detrimental to the outcome of his lawsuit. The relation of th