In the course of each day everyone has to do many things so that his own life and also the lives of those with whom he lives or works are properly under control and are running as smoothly as possible. There is so much disharmony on earth today, being reinforced ever more by the thoughts of the discontented and envious. It becomes essential to have true knowledge of what goes on in the world unseen in addition to being aware of the Cosmic Laws in order to able to exert oneself at all times to bring into being uplifting and upbuilding ideals so that we protect ourselves from the insidiously negative thought-forms which pervade everything. It is very easy indeed to find oneself deeply immersed in earthly matters, just like everyone else, but it is the responsibility of the inwardly aware seeker to be sufficiently alert spiritually to ensure that he frees himself from this. Otherwise, he is not worthy of the Knowledge

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