We spend around thirty-five per cent of our day lost in thought – daydreaming, imagining scenarios and stories in our heads. Some of these daydreams can be a blissful escape from mundane life and often our minds wander to imagining brilliant things like a wizard riding a unicorn, who swoops into your

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Japanese Art Of Nature
Japanese art is celebrated for being unique, understated and beautiful – and their garden designs are no exception. In Japan, gardens are seen as their own work of art, inspired by nature, philosophy and life itself. Japanese people avoid using anyth
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I can’t count the times I’ve walked this path. It’s my secret place, a little haven of complete silence. That’s what I like about it, you know? The silence. It’s as if I’m the only person on Earth; apart from the intruding foxes of course. They don’t
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GUEST EDITOR David Roberts
How did you become an artist? I failed everything at school except for art and religious education. I didn’t want to be an arty vicar ! So at sixteen I went to art school to do a foundation course where you try out many different art practices like