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EIDERS are famous for their soft down used to incubate their nests, as well as by humans to stuff quilts and pillows. Males are unmistakable, with contrasting black and white plumage and a green nape, as well as a large wedge-shaped bill. Females are brown, with delicate barring. They are the UK's heaviest duck, and are also believed to

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WE ADMIRED the Lumix G80 when we reviewed it in 2016. Panasonic has made a good camera even better with the G90 by filtering down advanced features from the excellent Lumix G9 and packaging them inside a smaller and lighter body. The jump in resoluti
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Kit List
If you place a grey card in front of your subject – in the same light – take a spot-meter reading from it, and lock in these settings, you will achieve correct exposure. These days most photographers prefer to use histograms instead. A handheld ligh
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Live View Composite mode
We've seen Live View Composite modes on other cameras before, but this is the first time we've seen it featured on a Panasonic camera. It's intended for those who enjoy shooting long exposures at night with moving elements – traffic trails, fireworks