In Creation there are only two kinds of life: that which is conscious of itself and that which is unconscious. But it is not the case that the unconscious must always remain in that state. There is a development from the unconscious to the conscious. The best example of this is man.

At first he is in the Spiritual Realm, in Paradise, as an unconscious spirit-germ. One of the new recognitions from the Grail Message, In the Light of Truth, is that the origin of man is in Paradise. Here is his existence, before becoming man on earth. But he does not know this at the beginning of his development, he is still unconscious of it. Yet there is an urge, unconscious though it is, within him to become conscious. God acceded to this gentle urging, and let it come to pass that the spirit-germs (sparks of spiritual species) were allowed to leave Paradise in order to become conscious. In Biblical language this means: they were ‘expelled’ from Paradise, yet certainly not as a punishment, but because they are unable to awaken in Paradise to conscious life.

This is only possible through the coarser radiations of the World of Matter (Subsequent Creation), in which the spirit-germs became immersed as if in fertile soil, in order to incarnate there in material bodies, including the physical, so as to develop consciousness of themselves.

The number of those who, in referring to his origin, regard man as a higher-thinking animal is not small, but this does not touch the core. Certainly the physical body of man is descended from the animal; for at some time there must have been a beginning on earth. The first spirit-germs incarnated in highly-developed animal bodies, which then became extinct. They resembled the present anthropoid apes. The human spirits could not come on to this earth in any other way than over the bridge of these animal bodies. Hence the brains of men and anthropoid apes, especially of the chimpanzee, are still similar even today.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
Eleanor Roosevelt
The intellect is nothing but gross material,

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