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Believe in Yourself

Drawing has always been my favourite pastime, for as long as I can remember. By the end of primary school I had decided that art had to be a major part of my future. I won a local Art Competition in Year 8 which further solidified that determination, and in 1965 I moved to from the picturesque small Adelaide Hills town of Echunga to begin specialised Secondary Art Teacher training in Adelaide at the SA School of Art and Western Teachers College. The three-year course was intensive, the lecturers hard task masters and the Diploma in Teaching Art was the icing on the cake! I happily returned to the Adelaide Hills as the sole Art Teacher in one of

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Creative Artist1 min read
Raven Wing: A Study in Clockwork
Draw out the composition in pencil and fix it to a rigid surface with artist’s tape. Artist tape detaches more cleanly than masking tape, and taping down the composition ensures that it remains flat and that any excess water is contained. Using a sat
Creative Artist1 min read
Looking at Monet
The autumn exhibition at the lower Belvedere’s Orangery was devoted to Claude Monet, one of the principal practitioners of Impressionism, and the profound impact of his painting on Austrian art. Besides Edouard Manet, the Viennese art scene of the la
Creative Artist6 min read
Shooting Flash on Location
Modern cameras do a great job of shooting in most lighting conditions. Even very low light conditions are easily handled by modern DSLR sensors. There are always times though where you need more light, and a portable flash is great for these situatio