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A Man & His Femininity

A Man & His Femininity by Robert Kandell. Photograph of a man's face, cut off below the eyes, by Kycha
Photograph by Kycha

The masculine, problem-solving mentality has its place but also a price. Learn how one man reconnected with his self and family through his feminine side.

About a year ago, I walked into the bedroom to find my wife Morgan sitting on the floor, furiously writing in her journal. I smiled a hello and quickly noted that something was afoot. I sat across from her and asked what was happening. She broke into a long explanation of a new challenge she was having with our eldest daughter, my step-kiddo, and I sat, paid attention, and listened.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

While I was indeed sitting, paying attention, and listening, my masculine brain was in deep overdrive. 

I am well-trained as a professional coach, engineer, and a MAN, so my inner computer was coming up with an epic project plan with detailed steps and milestones to solve all the problems she names.

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