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10 Movies From 20th Century Fox That Still Matter

The studio now belongs to Disney. But for decades, it took big risks that paid off for cinema, making films such as Cleopatra, Alien, and Avatar.
Source: 20th Century Fox

The film studio 20th Century Fox has existed practically as long as Hollywood. The venerable institution started after two rivals—20th Century Pictures and Fox Film—merged in 1935 to create a production powerhouse. The studio changed hands multiple times after that, eventually ending up with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, but it remained an industry giant for almost 85 years before being acquired by Disney last month. Now one of the Big Six studios has been subsumed by a long-standing competitor, and the future of its deep movie archive is murky.

Some of Fox’s biggest hits are universally known—films such as ,,,and , all of which helped reshape the industry in some way. But the studio made plenty of other classics that people might not associate as closely with it, calculated risks that stick out for their idiosyncrasies decades after their release. Whether Fox will continue to exist as an

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