Perfect your Pages documents

sophisticated options for styling your documents. But it has several oddities and omissions too. To get the best from it, you need to learn how to make those oddities do what you need them to do, while making the

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MacLife2 min read
Speed–up Myths Debunked
In short, no. The theory behind defragmenting a hard disk is that they work best when files are stored contiguously on the drive, rather than in fragments all over it. Defragmentation also creates contiguous space. However, macOS is pretty good at ma
MacLife2 min read
AirPods (2nd gen)
$159.99 From Apple, Features Charging case with Lightning, or charging case with Lightning and Qi wireless; Bluetooth When we reviewed the original AirPods, we said they were “the first Apple–branded headphones you’ll want to wear”, yet awa
MacLife2 min read
Spend It Or Save It?
Last issue we revealed Apple’s new hardware lineup for early 2019. This time round we’ve taken all those tantalizing new products — 27–inch iMac, 21.5–inch iMac, iPad Air, iPad Mini and the 2nd generation AirPods — and given them a thorough testing,