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Artist's Palette7 min read
Painting In The Flinders Ranges
To meet the World Expeditions Art Adventure tour to the Flinders Ranges, I first had to travel to Port Augusta – some 1500 kilometres from my home near Sydney. I considered the option of flying to Adelaide and transferring by bus; before electing to
Artist's Palette6 min read
Painting In The Flinders Ranges
On Wednesday morning 21 May at the remote Willow Springs Station deep in the Flinders Ranges, I climbed out of my swag while it was still dark. As I rebuilt the campfire, Belair artist and fellow traveller Leslie Jorgensen joined me in its glow. We h
Artist's Palette3 min read
Drawing Elephants
I chose several different reference photographs of elephants from the Internet, books and newspapers, and practiced several small sketches of elephant compositions. When content, I graphed up a piece of tracing paper using 1cm squares and placed this