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Embrace Moodiness In Your Shots
One of the great things about photography is that it can make the monotonous, the mundane and even the miserable look amazing, and the weather is certainly no exception. While on a personal level we all love bright sunny days that are perfect for a d
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In Focus
New medium-format GFX 100 offers a 100-megapixel image sensor The trickle is now turning into a shower: most of the concept cameras we saw at last year’s Photokina are starting to come to market. The latest one to drop is the Fujifilm GFX 100, a 100M
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Master The Split Toning Panel
Sometimes a straightforward black-and-white conversion can leave you wanting more. So why not try a split-tone effect? This is very easy with Camera Raw and Lightroom’s dedicated Split Toning panel. Simple options allow you to add separate colours to