Defining normal for a new generation

Rooney set both her novels at Trinity College Dublin, her alma mater

IRISH AUTHOR SALLY ROONEY STAKED her claim as the novelist of the millennial generation with her stunning 2017 debut, Conversations With Friends, which tells the story of a bisexual communist who expresses the emotions she can’t in

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The Next Step Toward Scottish Independence
FRESH OFF A SOLID victory in elections, the Scottish National Party’s Nicola Sturgeon says another independence referendum for Scotland is now a matter of “when, not if.” Her party fell one seat short of a majority in Scotland’s parliament, but an al
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Michael Lewis
The three main characters in your new book, The Premonition: A Pandemic Story, have their noses pressed against the window of the COVID-19 response that they probably should be running. Did you know what you were going for? When I was thinking about
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Strength In Community
THE SUPREME THRILL OF SHARING SPACE WITH others has never been so keenly felt—or missed—as in the past year. In a time marked by immeasurable loss, fear and upheaval, pods and social distancing entered the common lexicon, their frequent use serving a