History of War


Author: Anthony King Publisher: Cambridge University Press Price: £19.99

In the wake of troubled campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, it can and has been argued that decision-making in Western armed forces is facing a crisis. This is reflected in the fact that military leaders have been subjected to intense and sustained

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History of War2 min read
Paras In Ulster
As one of the British Army’s most elite units, the Parachute Regiment was extensively deployed in Northern Ireland. All three of its battalions saw service in the province and the regiment experienced an average of 14 tours. These could range from fo
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Rambahadur Limbu
In his brief autobiography, My Life Story, Rambahadur Limbu remembers how, as a young man, perhaps 15, he and two friends ran away from their Himalayan village of Chyangthapu to join the army as boy soldiers. Rambahadur had heard stories from his fat