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Driven By Distraction

The creeping devastation of a beautiful land is a story that resonates everywhere in India. Sudeep Chakravarti's novel is set in Goa, but its rapacious developers, mournful lookers-back,

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Top Of The Class
The INDIA TODAY State of the State (SOTS) districts awards are based on a sophisticated methodology founded on rigorous reporting and big data analysis of development parameters carefully collected over a decade. Aware that modernisation and developm
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Developed States Race Ahead Of Up And Other Bimarou* States
Source: India Today-Karvy Insights UP Citizen Survey March 2020 ■
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Seeking An Economic Miracle
With a Rs 5.13 lakh crore budget for 2020-21—the largest in Uttar Pradesh’s history—and plans to build vast amounts of new infrastructure, including 11 airports, seven universities and 28 medical colleges, the Yogi Adityanathled state government has