HE BUILDER claims wipers for the curved windshield are very expensive,” Bill’s email read. “What do you think?” He had CC’d his informal and unpaid advisory team, of which I am apparently a member. ¶ Bill has invested quite a bit in his new build, and having failed at talking him out

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Sizing Up
A draft of 5 feet, 4 inches means it can do all these things while island hopping or cruising the Great Loop. Owners can invite guests for an evening on the water or bring the family for an extended vacation. ¶ Boarding the yacht via a centerline sta
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Xantrex’s Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge Controller 30 ($229) is designed to help solar-panel installations harness higher charging efficiencies and, potentially, gain longer lifespans out of lithium-ion batteries. The 30-amp MMPT Charge Control
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A Fitness Edge
WHEN APPLE UNVEILED its first-generation iPhone, people initially thought it was a cellphone. Soon, they realized that iPhones were actually pocket-size computers that also happened to make voice calls. ¶ A similar evolution has unfurled with Garmin’