Mom strong

has been a lifelong priority for NFPTcertified trainer and Bikini Olympia champion Nathalia Melo, who purchased her first gym membership at age 14. Of course, the Brazilian native continued to exercise throughout both of her pregnancies, which occurred just 14 months apart. Melo took courses in prenatal and postnatal training and used what she learned to make smart modifications to her

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Optimal Health At Any Age
There is no Benjamin Button secret to staying forever young, and every minute of every day you’re getting older, whether you like it or not. The good news is that many aspects of aging well are within your control, and if you exercise regularly, nour
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Smart Swaps
Yogurt is a healthy source of protein, calcium and probiotics. “Try subbing plain Greek yogurt into recipes where you’d traditionally use something like mayo or sour cream,” Carroll says. “Not only will you save some calories, but you’ll add extra pr
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Opt For Optimism
getting ahead in life doesn’t just come down to hard work. Your attitude also plays a huge role, and with optimism on your side, you can achieve more than someone with a half-empty attitude. Of course, that’s easier said than done because positivity