A quick are with TREVOR LAIRD

40 years ago there was the 79 mod revival, 2-tone explosion, and Quadrophenia. All three had an influence on the scooter scene in the UK and beyond, with Quadrophenia continuing to be a major influence. There are a number of events celebrating the 40-year milestone of Quadrophenia's launch. A TV special called Quadrophenia at 40 is being broadcast later this year. Major events, with members of the cast attending, will be held in London and Brighton. A celebration of the anniversary is taking place in Chesterfield, curated by Trevor Laird. Six of the film's cast will be attending this event.

Trevor Laird, Ferdy in Quadrophenia, has been a hard-working actor since his teens. He attended Anna Scher Theatre school in Islington, along with fellow Quadrophenia actor Phil Daniels. Highlights from Trevor's career include his first television appearance in Playthings (1976), and a founder member of Black Theatre Co-operative (1978), appearing in their first production, Welcome Home

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