Kintsugi strength and beauty in imprefection

So I rush to Pordenone and ask for information, and I end up again at the headquarters of Scooter Italiano, owned by Bruno Pisaniello. When I arrive at the store I cannot believe my eyes, the owner of “0001” is there, in front of me. Like a hungry hawk I swoop down to hear his story. “Living in Zoppola (PN)…” says Isaia Bomben, who was born March 26, 1947, “…I finished conscription and I found a job. I decided to go to evening school too. I was looking for a motorised vehicle and in those days Innocenti was offering some discounts. Two months of hard work (155,000 Italian Lire) later and I finally bought this 125 Special. I never expected that it would one day become a rare scooter. Everything happened by chance, as in 1968 the city of Pordenone became the provincial capital for the first time. I could have taken the vehicle from the dealership immediately, or wait until they registered it with a new Pordenone plate that

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