Little Rascal A ground-breaking scooter

Most of us would say that the 80s brought us the ground-breaking custom scooters, which formed the foundation and influences of today’s custom machines. ‘Little Rascal’ has pride of place amongst those machines, and here’s the story.

Starting from scratch

Nigel Tollady had seen Lambretta chops on the circuit and realised that there didn’t appear to be a Vespa chop on the scene. With this in mind, Nigel decided he was going create a Vespa chop and in 1982 he purchased a standard, full-bodied Vespa P200E, which would eventually become Little Rascal. Having bought the scooter, Nigel set about cutting the bodywork down.

“ After drawing the template with a felt-tip pen, a steady hand and a keen eye, I cut the leg shields and side panels down. I used a 9-inch masonry wheel to do the

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